Jumping In

Most of my adult life has been consumed by music and I have lost more than a few hours chasing that particular dream. But I was a writer first. When I was three I wrote a children's book--illustrations and all. My Dad promised me he sent it to a publisher, but I never heard anything back. When I was about ten I had my nan typewrite one of my handwritten horror stories. As there weren't many fiction markets in the UK I sent it off to "Take A Break." I still have the rejection letter.

Between the ages of ten and twenty-six I wrote sporadically. At eleven I hand wrote a novel about a lake monster after reading Jurassic Park. When I was around fourteen my dad got a caravan. He hooked up the power to the house  and after school I would sit in there to write, stereo blasting out 80s rock classics . Aged twenty I spent three months writing a film after my first band broke up. And in my early twenties I occasionally submitted to a football blog and even more occasionally got published

But that was it until 2009 when I had an idea for a novel. Music things were quiet and I was fed up of trying to cram big ideas into song lyrics. I decided to warm up with a few short stories but never submitted them. A good while later I felt ready, and in 2010 I went on holiday and started writing the novel. A year later it was finished. I left it for three months and when I re-read it I was disappointed to find it wasn't that good. It wasn't even worth a re-write.

I decided to start doing some reading about writing to get myself into shape. I also came to the conclusion that I needed to start submitting. So having read online about write 1, submit 1, I decided to take up that challenge.

In May this year I wrote my first story and sharpened it so I felt comfortable showing it to people. Then, I took the plunge and submitted it. Since then I have written 5 short stories (some speculative fiction, some humorous, some straight up literary) and they are all out there on submission. Story number six is on the way and I am hoping to have twenty floating about by the end of the year. If I get some decent feedback then I may have a crack at the novel again. If I get nothing but rejections by May next year, I may just knock it on the head as far as submitting goes.

The adventure starts here...