More Sales!

I didn't expect to be back here so soon, but I have some more exciting news. Last weekend I made not one, but two new sales!

Firstly, I sold a very black and bleak story called 'Loveable Alan Atcliffe' to Dark Intent. They are a brand new print and e publication from White Cat Press and I have the honour of being their first acceptance. The story is about how the smallest mistakes can lead to really terrible outcomes. Sounds fun, eh?

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I sold a much more upbeat tale to The Waterhouse Review entitled 'Passenger'. It's about politeness and etiquette and I'm really glad it's found a home at such a great venue. It will be in their January issue.

I'll post links to all the stories in the Writing section of my blog above as they appear. Bye for now, perhaps I'll see you for the end of year round up , perhaps sooner?