Sale! 'Just Kids' to The Fiction Desk

The Fiction Desk have bought 'Just Kids' for their upcoming anthology 'Crying Just Like Anybody'. It should be out mid-November in both e-book format and in an actual, physical book made of paper and ink! This marks a first for me and I am really excited about finding a little space for it on my crowded bookshelf. Maybe I'll built it its own special shelf?

What am I thinking, I can't build.

It is a first in a few other ways as well. It's my first straight literary story to sell, the others having all had speculative elements. (Not counting the "sale" I ended up declining, see The Strange Tale of the Rejected Acceptance) On the surface the story is about a man trying to deal with the teenage kids that hang out beneath the window of his flat. But really it is about men struggling with their identity. I'm fascinated by this theme and spent a lot of time with it when writing my novel.

The other way in which this is a first is that it is my first sale to a market in the UK, having thus far only made sales to magazines stateside. I can now unleash a very special swagger I've been saving for this moment: it's called the multinational mosey.


It has been a really weird few months of close calls and near misses. My novel has had some really lovely feedback from agents, although ultimately they didn't take me on. And I have had around 10 short stories make the final round of consideration at magazines only to end up being rejected. I still have some stories out that are also in the final round so hopefully I might be back here soon with some more good news.Otherwise, it'll be my Xmas round up.