I Won an Award! Plus: A Sale To Lamplight!

Now I've calmed down a bit and I am able to string some words together in an actual sentence, I'm delighted and utterly stunned to report that I won The Fiction Desk's Writer's Award for my story 'Just Kids' that featured in their Crying Just Like Anybody anthology. To say it was an unexpected shock is to do a terrible injustice to all the excitement-related dancing, both voluntary and involuntary, that went on yesterday afternoon. The award was voted for by fellow writers in the anthology which makes it even more special (or "specialer" as us award winning writers say...) It was a great collection of stories that I was just honoured and proud to be part of. You can read the official announcement here. And you can also read the story behind the story here. And if you would like to buy the issue, you can do so here. A major thanks to editor Rob Redman for publishing the story in the first place, he's doing great work for new writers like me. Also thanks to my crit partners who gave the story some help along the way.

In other excitement related news, I am now allowed to announce the sale that was mentioned in my last post. The good folk at Lamplight have purchased my story 'Roses' for their next issue. Those that remember my blog 'The Strange Tale of the Rejected Acceptance' might be interested to know that this is the story I submitted to a market that advertised "professional" rates but ended up offering me $2.50. Because the story meant so much to me and because I didn't feel it was in safe hands, I ultimately turned down the acceptance despite being a fledgling writer with barely any sales to his name. It was a big decision that I agonised over at the time but one I don't regret now that 'Roses' has found such an awesome home.

On reflection, 'Roses' and 'Just Kids' are stories from the same family. Both are tales of seemingly logical progressions that spiral out of control when character vulnerabilities intrude. But while 'Just Kids' is darkly comic, 'Roses' is just, frankly, pure evil. It was born of spooky, late-night conversations with my brother, Andrew, almost ten years ago when we began reminiscing about the dangerous things we got up to as children. I really hope you enjoy it and I will post a link on the writing page when it goes live. You can also read it on Nook, Kindle, iTunes. The links are here.