That End of Year Acceptance... and some reviews

At the end of last year I was sitting in a Lanzarote sports bar watching my fantasy football team's season implode when I managed to get enough wifi signal to check my emails. An otherwise depressing couple of hours was salvaged by an email from the nice folks at Silver Blade magazine telling me they really liked my story 'A Portrait of Time' and wanted to include it in their next issue. Cue much dancing and askance looks from grumpy men in Wolverhampton Wolfs replica tops. 

The magazine specialises in magical realism and slipstream stories so is a perfect venue for this strange story about an overweight Dalí-Protégé and his relationship with his diabetic nurse. I'm really glad this one found such a great home as it's one of the weirdest things I've written. 

In other news, I made another sale at the start of 2013 but I'm not allowed to announce it just yet. It's a really special sale too so as soon as I'm given the all-clear I'll be back here wittering on again. 

Last, but not least, my story 'Just Kids' from The Fiction Desk's Crying Just Like Anybody anthology has picked up a few nice reviews. The first was from Bookmunch, which singled the story out as a highlight and called it "a dryly humorous and adroit consideration of modern society". The second was from Casual Debris, which named the story their second favourite and said things like: "Another story to hover the line of amusing and effective, it touches upon a variety of themes ranging from prejudice (ageism), media influence and how we can be driven by anxiety despite reason being so close at hand."

I was also asked to write a blog about what inspired 'Just Kids', and you can read said ramblings on The Fiction Desk's excellent website.