2 Years of Writing and Subbing

Summer is sort of trying to happen outside, but some passing clouds have given me an excuse to come in and write an update. There have been a few developments since last time, some I can talk about and some I daren't yet for fear of jinxing something. Sorry for being mysterious. 

Just in time for the 2 year anniversary of me having started writing and submitting, I have sold two more short stories. While this is amazing, it also means that my pile of short stories is running scarily low. Due to having two novels on the go at the moment I haven't put anything short on paper since the start of the year. Hopefully, I'll find time to put this right soon. 

First up, my story 'The Little Thing in the Bottle' has been purchased by carte blanche. I've been trying to crack this market for a while and I'm chuffed to bits this tale has found a home in its digital pages. The story was written one night in Mexico while Helen, my wife-to-be, recovered from jetlag. I was at a loose end and started jotting ideas for a new story down. Before I knew it the whole thing was done. 

Next up, my slipstream story 'A Place for Lost Things' will feature in The Colored Lens summer issue. This is the first story I've written directly inspired by a strange farmhouse I lived in the year before I went to university. It won't be the last.