A Quick One

I'm getting married soon. Then I'm heading off to hunt  a certain famous lake monster for my honeymoon. It's been really busy so I haven't had much time to put together any of the really good blogs that I had in mind. This short and sweet one will have to do.

There isn't much by way of writing news. Not good news anyway. There is a LOT of stuff stuck somewhere between pipeline and purgatory that may bring about either an exciting or a depressing end of year. The main reason I think things have slowed down is that I've sold most of my short stories and have been working on finishing off yet another novel, an expanded version of one of my published stories. I haven't had time to replenish my stock of shorts which must be addressed soon.

I did actually get two stories back after having had them accepted, so they are now floating out in the world again. This depressing state of affairs came about because an entire publishing house collapsed, bringing with it the dozens of different fiction titles it put out. I say "publishing house" and I say "put out" but I'm not sure it actually managed to put out or publish anything. In fact the whole sorry enterprise looks like it was an imaginary house of cards made of moths' wings existing only in the mind of the head honcho.

One amazing thing happened: I finally got a response to a query about a story that has been sitting in my Submittable account unread for 500 days. 500 days!! They said they'd look into it. As of today it continues to be unread... I'll bring you an update next time out. 

The only other thing I need to report is that two of my stories have been released into the world in lovely shiny book form. The Fiction Desk have released their latest anthology 'Because of What Happened' containing my story 'Something Unfinished'. Also, Lamplight have put out their first paperback volume collecting up their first 4 issues. My story 'Roses' is in that collection and you can buy it here. I like e-publishing, but there's still nothing like the experience of holding an actual physical book containing your writing.