Two Dark Tales

Two of my stories have been published this month, both a little bit dark and both a little bit mean. They are also slightly older stories that have taken a while to see the light of day. I'm delighted they've come out together as they make a nice pair.

First up, Stupefying Stories have published my story 'Blind Spot'. Editor Bruce Bethke called it "challenging" in his editorial which I'm chuffed to bits about. It's based on an experiment to show how the human brain essentially invents a portion of your visual field at any given time due to the position of the optic nerve.

On the right is a little picture of the story highlighting the part with the experiment. It's fun; you can play along. Just watch out for what might be hiding in your blind spot. Read it here in issue 18.

Also out is my story 'Loveable Alan Atcliffe' in Plan B Magazine, a naughty story about murder and moral luck. You can purchase on all the main e-readers and on Amazon here.

Hope you enjoy!