Short Story Sale to Shock Totem

I recently received an email from brilliant dark fiction magazine Shock Totem saying they wanted to publish my short story 'Alan Roscoe's Change of Heart'. It's one of my most exciting sales so far, and "chuffed" doesn't even begin to cover how I'm still feeling about it many days later.

The story is one I attempted a few years ago, in the earliest days of my writing. Ultimately that attempt failed and I stuffed the story in the folder marked "Retired" never to be spoken of again. This year, still enamoured by the basic premise but aware a huge number of changes were needed, I tried again. To my surprise, out popped a related yet completely different story. It's about a rich man's change of world-view following heart replacement surgery, and his sceptical employee who is in no hurry to forgive him for his past mistakes. There's also something wicked-horrible crawling around in the cellar, too!

'Alan Roscoe's Change of Heart' will be out in July!