Some News is Some News

It's been a while since I posted something, mainly because I've been busy beating the novel into shape before it goes out on submission--some terrifying and exciting times ahead. On the short story front I have a whole bunch of news, most of which I'm not allowed to talk about until contracts have been signed and various gods have been appeased. What I can talk about:

My story 'Alan Roscoe's Change of Heart' concludes the latest issue of the awesome Shock Totem, and is now available in both print and digital from Amazon and here. Editor K. Allen Wood said it's "a tale that chips away at a well-mined vein--the near-death experience--but manages to produce an untouched gem." Really excited to be a part of this collection, and I think the cover art is just brilliant.

Elsewhere, I have some other print related things coming out. My story from Plan B Magazine (another story about a man named Alan) is now available in a paperback anthology from here, and you can also get my non-Alan story 'Nothing Can See You' in a hardback version of Vignettes from the End of the World, here.

A belated Happy Halloween!