How to Kill with Kindness
by S R Masters

One More Chapter/Harper Collins (UK) 

The village of Nether Appleford calls itself ‘England’s Kindest Village’. Overseen by the Kindness Committee, this close-knit community strives to live their lives with kindness at the heart of everything they do.

For Tessa and Andy, this sounds like the perfect escape. An opportunity to settle down and move on from a past that haunts them.

But what if the kindest thing you could do meant hurting someone? Then what would you do?


'Captivating, unsettling and filled with gasp-inducing shocks… plunges you into a fascinating and disturbing community’ Sunday Times bestseller, B P Walter

‘A sinister and unsettling psychological thriller with echoes of Ira Levin at his best. I loved it.’ Michael Wood, bestselling author of the Matilda Darke series

'This captivating thriller hooked me from the start and drew me into this eerily perfect village, where all was very much not as it seemed. A chilling, twisty treat of a read.’ Eleanor Ray, author of Everything is Beautiful

'The kindest village in England…or the creepiest? Such a great premise and an intriguing cast of characters; I thoroughly enjoyed this one and was never quite sure what was going to happen next.’ Jackie Kabler, USA Today bestselling author

'I was blown away by this deeply disturbing portrait of a ‘perfect’ community – from the first page it is clear that a twisted view of kindness lies beneath the apparently idyllic Nether Appleford. A clever take on the world in which we already live … exceptionally compelling characters’ Heather Critchlow, author of the Cal Lovett series

'How to Kill With Kindness has an understated menace that simmers all the way through the book making it an absorbing read. S R Masters has drawn up an idyllic slice of village life that may not be so idyllic after all and I loved every menacing page’ James Delargy, author of Into the Flames

The Trial 
by S R Masters (US title The Drug Trial)

One More Chapter/Harper Collins (UK) 

Would you sign up to a medical trial if you didn’t know the possible side effects?


It seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. An all-inclusive luxury trip abroad, all you need to do is take a pill every day and keep a diary.

Except you don’t know anything about the drug or what its side effects might be.

The headaches start, a dull ache at first. Every day worse than the last.

Then a body is found.

Everyone is a suspect. Anyone could be a killer. Even you . .


'Pacy, dark and highly entertaining, with a real sense of menace' Sunday Times bestseller, T M LOGAN

'The very definition of a white-knuckle ride' Sunday Times bestseller, B P WALTER

'Brilliant . . . a proper page-turner' Sunday Times bestseller, LAURA MARSHALL

'Intelligent and thought-provoking' Sunday Times bestseller, VICTORIA SELMAN

'Love Island turns dark and twisty in this gripping thrill with a cliffhanger of an ending. Loved it.' Sunday Times bestseller, HARRIET TYCE

The Killer You Know 
by S R Masters

Sphere/Little Brown (UK) 

I’ll murder three strangers. And you’ll know it was me. That way we’ll all be connected. Always.

When Will jokes about becoming a serial killer, his friends just laugh it off. But Adeline can’t help but feel there’s something more sinister lurking behind his words.

Fifteen years later, Adeline returns to Blythe for a reunion of the old gang – except Will doesn’t show up. Reminiscing about old times, they look up the details of his supposed murder spree. But the mood soon changes when they discover two recent deaths that match.

As the group attempt to track Will down, they realise that he is playing a sinister game that harks back to one they used to play as kids. Only this time there are lives at stake…


‘A scary, compelling and a completely original page-turner’ IRISH INDEPENDENT, Book of the Week

ffers sharp insights into group dynamics and peer manipulation. Masters is a writer to watch' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

'A twisty, irresistible suspenser about the perils of nostalgia and the dangers of leadership' MORNING STAR

'A blinder of a read' THE SUN

'A gripping, compelling read with a brilliant premise and a wonderfully twisting storyline. An incredible debut' TM LOGAN, author of THE HOLIDAY and LIES

'A thrilling read and an exceptional debut novel' RACHEL EDWARDS, author of DARLING

'An original and gripping thriller combined with an evocative coming of age story that will be achingly familiar' LAURA MARSHALL, author of FRIEND REQUEST

'A gripping read... pays more than a nod to all those great literary and big screen friendship noirs, like Donna Tartt’s The Secret History or Hitchcock’s Rope' THE LITERARY SHED

"A compelling read" CRIME REVIEW

'A twisty, clever exploration of claustrophobic childhood friendships and the darkness they can lead to' DERVLA MCTIERNAN, author of THE RUIN

'I read and loved and HEARTILY recommend for any fans of STAND BY ME . . . A thrilling, nostalgic twisty read' CLAIRE ALLEN, author of HER NAME WAS ROSE

'THE KILLER YOU KNOW is one of my favourite reads of the year. I LOVED it. Pacey, nostalgic, excellent very well-developed characters, and a clever plot' NIKI MACKAY, bestselling author of I WITNESS

'Compelling, creepy, and brilliantly executed, THE KILLER YOU KNOW is an original new voice in the thriller world' PHOEBE MORGAN, author of THE DOLL HOUSE

'A compelling, unpredictable thriller that conveys the changing nature of long-lasting friendships beautifully. How well do we know even our closest of friends? Highly recommended' ELISABETH CARPENTER, author of 99 RED BALLOONS

'The Killer You Know has a fantastic killer concept... and is gripping and creepy to boot - loved it' SAM CARRINGTON, author of BAD SISTER

'Brilliantly atmospheric tale of toxic friendship, with a killer hook - what if one of your gang turned out to be a serial killer? Loved it' LIZ BARNSLEY,

'A dark, gripping and chilling debut... the very definition of a page turner' MICHAEL WOOD, author of THE DCI MATILDA DARKE SERIES

'An exciting and original premise with a plot that doesn't let up. I loved it' VICTORIA SELMAN, author of BLOOD FOR BLOOD