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Friday, 29 June 2018

Two Months Until the First Edition (and other news!)

There are just two months to go now until the first edition of my debut novel, The Killer You Know, is out here in the UK. Lots has been happening, so here is a swift catch up.

Extremely exciting: The Killer You Know will also be coming out in the USA at the same time as the two UK editions on Hachette imprint Redhook (Orbit)!!! I'll post something more about that once the US cover is finalised.

In other news, I am now officially a published novelist!

The Polish edition of Killer was released on June 20th through Burda Media with the title, Nigdy S Nie Dowiesz, which translates as, You'll Never Know. Should you fancy this edition (it's really lovely), you can pick it up here.

It's quite an strange, wonderful, nervy time at the moment, as I have no idea what to expect come August 30th. I've been lucky enough to have had some absolutely lovely quotes from fellow writers and bloggers, which I'll post below, however the thought of it being available to so many people very soon is pretty mind blowing and scary. I'm trying to keep myself busy with edits on a brand new novel, although the temptation to keep checking my emails and social media for news is reaching crisis point at the moment.

One final bit of news, if you are a blogger, vlogger, writer, or just plain curious, you can get an early read of the book by requesting on Netgalley right now! Here is the link.

More to come soon. Thanks for all your support up to this point. Here are those lovely early comments I mentioned.

'An original and gripping thriller combined with an evocative coming of age story that will be achingly familiar to anyone who grew up in the countryside' LAURA MARSHALL, author of FRIEND REQUEST
'A gripping, compelling read with a brilliant premise and a wonderfully twisting storyline. An incredible debut' TM LOGAN, author of LIES
'A thrilling read and an exceptional debut novel' RACHEL EDWARDS, author of DARLING
'Compelling, creepy, and brilliantly executed, THE KILLER YOU KNOW is an original new voice in the thriller world' PHOEBE MORGAN, author of THE DOLL HOUSE
'Brilliantly atmospheric tale of toxic friendship, with a killer hook - what if one of your gang turned out to be a serial killer? Loved it' LIZ BARNSLEY,

'I think I may have already found a strong contender for my book of the year... has shades of Stranger Things and a wonderful homage to Stephen King's IT... I cannot recommend this highly enough' RACHEL BURTON, bestselling author of THE MANY COLOURS OF US.

'If you loved Stephen King's "Stand By Me" then this is definitely one for you. A wonderful mix of thriller and nostalgia' KATHERINE DEBONA, author of THE GIRL IN THE SHADOWS

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Killer You Know Cover Reveal

I'm really excited to be able to share the cover of my debut novel The Killer You Know with you all. How to describe a moment like this, as a writer who submitted his first book to a publisher (with his own hand drawn cover) not long after he'd stopped toddling? (Totally got rejected by the way). Characters I imagined are standing there on the train track I made up. I can see Adeline. I can see Rupesh! And that's Blythe, a setting some of you who have read my short stories will know. It's a really special moment.  

So even though you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I wouldn't mind at all if you did. When I first received the email from my editor, I knew from the thumbnail alone that Lucy, Ellen and the team at Sphere had just nailed it (thanks, guys!). Blown up to full size it just got better, with lots of hidden details that bring to life various aspects of the story. It entirely captures the strange and special quality of adolescence that is at the heart of the book, as well as hinting that perhaps in looking back on such times, we taint them with a darkness from our present.
Or is the cover's perspective actually someone watching the kids as they walk away from us? Someone who isn't ready for them to leave their past behind just yet...

You can find out, but will have to wait until August 2018! I'll keep you updated as things progress though. In exciting news I don't think I've mentioned here, both Italy (Garzanti) and Poland (Burda) have bought translation rights to the novel, so more covers will follow. For now, if you'd like to pre-order the novel please do, it's here:
THE KILLER YOU KNOW. You can also add to your to-read list on Goodreads too, if that is the path down which you roll: GOODREADS. Thanks again for all your support so far and look forward to bringing you more news soon.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

This is the News

It's been ages since my last bit of news, so I thought I'd share a tiny update. Things are moving along behind the scenes with my debut novel, The Killer You Know, and it's all still a bit exciting and daunting that the book is going to be out there in the world in less than a year. There's now an Amazon link to the book, as well as the blurb, which I've also put up on the writing page above. 

When the novel first sold, I said a few things for the Bookseller announcement that never made the final article, so I'll post them here as I think they offer a bit more of an insight into what the book is about: 

"I’m absolutely delighted, and still a little stunned, that Lucy and the amazing team at Sphere and Little, Brown will be launching The Killer You Know. It’s genuinely a dream come true for me. I’ve always been fascinated by the way in which other people’s memories of who you were can affect who you are in the present. I was struck by the idea of a reunion where a recollection of a friend’s jokey remark, made in the baffling heat of adolescence, is seen in a sinister new light. It seemed irresistible to me. Whether for good or bad, you can’t escape the role nostalgia plays in modern culture, and I had a great time exploring that with film podcast host Adeline, and the rest of the book’s characters, as they tumbled into their own pasts. I really look forward to sharing this adventure with readers."

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My First Book Deal (Or Agghhhhhhh!)

So… this happened: Thriller Seekers Strike Big Deals

I started this blog in July 2011 with an entry about picking up writing again after nearly a decade of trying to achieve some sort of music career. I was cautious, planning nothing more than an experiment. I'd learned my lesson: dream big, burn hard. I just wanted to know if I could write and finish a novel. Could I bring myself to submit anything I wrote? Could I get some short stories published, or at least get some positive feedback that might enable me to better my writing? Full disclosure: I'd also just met my future wife, a librarian and English graduate, and perhaps this was an attempt to impress her—the nerd version of popping a wheelie. I never thought too much about where it would take me, it was really just an excuse to re-immerse myself in the world of books and literature, a place I'd always found safe and comforting.

I was a weird child, often spending hours in front of my bookcase just gazing at the spines of my books, perhaps hoping that somehow their contents would just osmose into my brain if I stared hard enough. So many of my strongest childhood memories involve books, and Stephen King's characters practically walked me through adolescence. Ever since getting the news two weeks ago that a real, actual publisher wanted to buy my novel, these thoughts and memories have been looping in my head—probably because my brain has overloaded with disbelief and is now in safe mode.

I was on my annual holiday in the Canaries with my dad when I found out. We were in a restaurant and it was late, so my guard was down. I knew we were on submission, but I'd asked my agent Joanna to save any bad news for when I was home and to only text me if we had good news. I'd planned for rejection, because after nearly six years of writing and submitting I'd learned that about 90-95% of the time things end that way. I was texting home when I saw Joanna's name appear at the top of the phone alerting me to her message, and immediately I knew things were about to change. More than one publisher was interested in the book, I found out the next week. I did get a bit emotional then. It didn't take long to conclude the deal, although it felt like a lifetime. Once I'd spoken to Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown, I knew it was really going to happen. My book was going to meet the world.

I've been sending a lot of emails and making a lot of phone calls. There are many people I'm going to thank over the coming weeks and months, but I wouldn't have persisted with writing if it hadn't been for my wife. Not only did I probably start all this to try and impress her, but she has read everything I've ever written, and patiently explained to me time and time again where and where not to use question marks. (It's harder than it sounds if you're from the West Midlands, where everything is a question.) I also am incredibly lucky to have found my agent, Joanna Swainson, who believed in this book from about 20 minutes after I sent it to her and is bloody brilliant.

For every short story I've had published, I've also had hundreds of rejections. And before this novel, there were others that never saw the light of day. It was difficult often, but never more than it was fun, and now it really feels like the apprenticeship I always told myself it was. When I look back at that first blog, which ends with "the adventure starts here", I think that adventure has just ended. A new one is starting, and I am so glad that it will be with this novel. It's the novel I'd always been trying to write, always wanted to write; the one where I found my voice. It's about love and friendship and murder, and about our relationships with our younger selves; it's about music and films and podcasts, about growing up in a country village and trying to relieve the boredom. It's got some philosophy in it too, and stuff about how great and how dangerous nostalgia can be.

But don't worry about any of that for now, what you need to know is this: some old friends, the sort most of us had growing up, are going to meet up for a reunion as adults. They're going to start talking about the strange kid they all knew, the one who joked he'd be a serial killer when he was older. How funny, ha, ha, ha, what a character he was. Only then they are going to go online, put in the details they collectively remember about what he said he'd do and where. And what they find won't be a joke; it'll make them doubt everything they thought they knew, and drag them from the safety of their present lives into their dangerous shared past.

THE KILLER YOU KNOW will be published by Sphere/Little,Brown in late 2018. Thank you so much for reading up until now.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Agent News!

It's been a bit exciting around here recently, and it's with great pleasure that I can now announce that I'll be represented by the awesome Joanna Swainson at Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency. I've had some fantastic meetings with the agency, and suffice to say they've completely blown me away. I'm really excited to be working with Joanna on my future writing projects!   

Monday, 5 September 2016

And Along Came Three

It's like that thing about buses, you know? You wait for one for ages, then three short stories turn up instead. I've been rattling around in the world of novel writing lately, so all things short have been on the back burner. However, this month I have three new short stories out.

My weird tale 'This'll Take You Back' has taken a few knocks over the years, but it has finally found an amazing home in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. I've always had a real soft spot for this story as it concerns two of my favourite topics: the suburbs and nostalgia. It's about some friends who stop off for a late night walk around their old estate only for things to get very strange, very quickly. You can get a digital copy here.

Next up I'll be back for my fourth appearance in the always brilliant The Fiction Desk anthology series. This anthology, titled Separations, will feature my ghost story 'Home Solutions for Mould', which placed second in The Fiction Desk's 2015 Ghost Story competition. It's about a couple trying to find common ground again in the aftermath of a bereavement, and is way more fun than that sounds. You can get a digital or paperback copy here.

Last of all, I've written a creature feature to close Pantheon magazine's Hestia themed issue. Despite starring a species of possibly alien, sharp-toothed groundhogs, it's oddly the most serious of all three stories--and it is worth buying for the lovely illustration of these fictional beasts. You can get a copy here, and the story is called 'Top 20 Exotic Pets that Frighten Away Intruders'.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Press Start to Play Reviews

Here are some links to a few more reviews of Press Start to Play that were kind enough to mention my story Desert Walk.

It's been really lovely and inspiring to hear people liked the story, and a bit mind blowing that something I wrote here in Oxford has now been spotted by friends in the book shops all the way over on the west coast of the USA.

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