The Killer You Know: Out NOW On Ebook in the UK and the USA

Not much more to say than simply, It's Out!!!

It's been a long old journey from my first post here when I was dabbling with short stories, but finally my debut novel THE KILLER YOU KNOW is out on ebook through Sphere/Little, Brown in the UK and Redhook/Hachette in the USA.

If you like stories about amateur detectives, or murder, or the 90s, or pop culture, or reunions, or coming-of-age, or nostalgia, or romance, there might be something in this for you. And if you like all those things twisted up, quirky and dark...

And please leave a review if you have a moment and enjoyed! Each one is so important for debut authors, and they will be eternally grateful to you forever in a way that may mean you own their soul.

Sphere/Little Brown (UK)
Links: Kindle

Redhook/Hachette (US)
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