The Killer is Loose

After a little wait following the ebook edition, The Killer You Know is now out in ALL editions in the UK and in the US following the release of the main paperback edition.

It’s in actual shops!

The book has had some fantastic write ups across a two week book tour here in the UK, and over in the US Publishers Weekly called it an “an arresting debut” and said “Masters is a writer to watch.”

The highlight of these last few weeks was undoubtedly the launch party, held at the wonderful Blackwells in Oxford where I took part in a Q & A with Tarn Richardson (look his books up!) and sent Killer off in a really supportive atmosphere.


It really has been the stuff of dreams to see the book in shops, particularly getting to go back to my old home town and signing a few copies in the Waterstones where I’d sit and flick through books as a teenager. I’m also really grateful for those who have read the book and taken the time to leave a review on either Goodreads or one of the bookseller's sites. A debut book is so reliant on word of mouth to gain its readership, so I’m really grateful for those spreading their enthusiasm and helping readers choose in a world of so many brilliant books. 

I'm sure there will be some more Killer news in the months to come, and beyond that I hope to have some updates about future plans very soon. I'm working on a couple of exciting things at the moment that I can't wait to share.