Two Short Tales

A few updates to belatedly start the year with. The lockdown-inspired anthology Afraid of the Light spawned a Christmas edition Afraid of the Christmas Lights, which came out in December and featured my Fiction Desk Writer's Award-winning short story Just Kids. This anthology includes guest entries from Mark Billingham and Sophie Hannah, and received great write-ups in the The Times and The Guardian. All proceeds are donated to a variety of charities supporting victims of domestic violence. 

I'll also have a story featured in a Halloween edition of the series, Afraid of the Shadows, out in October. This one has even more exciting guest stars, with proceeds once more going to charity. More soon on this. 

Also out now, and available in my brand new shop on, is a brand new story called There is No Place for them on This Planet. It's set in the distant future, and features a man learning his grandfather was the first baby born on Mars. This is another hardback anthology from Flame Tree Press, entitled Strange Lands, and the book itself is really something to behold.  

In other news, I've been writing lots... Watch this space for more.